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Owning a luxury home is effortless, with RJB Property, hear how.


We are a boutique property company based in the prestigious town of Edinburgh working with private homeowners.  As  specialists in dealing with high end properties, our private luxury concierge service allows private home owners and investors the opportunity to remove the worry, stress and time associated with running a property.

From the internal to the external fabric of the building,  with our private concierge service we can take on the responsibility of maintaining your property so you don’t have to.

Here’s how we can help you.

We can take care of the areas which you may overlook.

For example, how often do you check things like your roof, windows or chimneys?

Do you know what problems to look for in relation to your boiler, pipework or bathroom fittings?

Within our monthly care programme our inhouse surveyors with over 20 years of experience will ensure that your property will remain in top condition with regular checks and surveys.  

If you ever came to sell the property, items as described above would essentially end up being marked as a 2 or a 3 on the home report if not regularly checked, so why not avoid any nasty surprises.  Our private luxury concierge service will offer you peace of mind knowing that all these elements are being taken care of.

We can save you time and stress with monthly maintenance

As your personalised luxury home concierge we can tailor our services to work around your needs.  From tasks as simple as cleaning your home, managing your gardening or cleaning your windows we work with a network of trusted suppliers who can take this off your hands.  We provide you with a trustworthy point of contact who will ensure that everything is taken care of. 

We can tailor a package to suit your properties requirements

Through a bespoke care programme for your property from monthly maintenance, to quarterly checks we can take on board the tasks that you don’t always have time to get round to.  View our process here.

We can help prepare your property for when you decide to visit

We can ensure that your property is ready and raring to go for you when you decide to visit.  A fully cleaned, fresh linen in situ, stocked fridge and champagne on arrival.  We can even organise your food shopping and pick you up from the airport.  Check out some our packages here.

We like to form relationships with our clients

As we are not your everyday property management company and we only work with private homeowners. We want to ensure through our luxury private concierge service that our clients feel valued and appreciated, as you are not just a number to us.  

That is why we want to create a very personalised approach in what we offer to ensure that you relax and make the most of your home knowing that all the day to day upkeep is taken care of.   

So, if you have a property that you would like to discuss in more detail then please complete one of our forms and we can get back to you to arrange your free consultation or if you want to view some properties that we have worked with, take a look at our case studies.

Its good but I think the thing that’s really missing on the home concierge stuff (across the board) is the emphasis on the fabric of the building being looked after – the things that would be big bill stuff if not maintained like.